Terra Pest Management Specialists offers Inspections as well as free Pest Control estimates

What is a Free Estimate?

The purpose of our Free Estimate is to provide an immediate cost estimate or cost range for our services that is based on the detail you provide to us over the phone. This Free Estimate will be an accurate reflection of what is usual and customary for us to charge for the described service and is often immediately provided based on your description.

Why an Inspection Fee?

If you live in the Collegeville area and have flexibility with scheduling, please let us know and we may be able to waive the fee.

If you haven’t had regular service in years, if you have concerns of structural issues, if you may need preventative service but don’t know what is best, or if you just want added peace of mind, we offer inspection & identification services for a flat fee. If you choose to use us, the fee is 100% credited toward our treatment.

The inspection fee we charge is our commitment to be your advocate. We will explain our recommendations and findings in clear and practical terms, so you have an educated understanding and you are equipped with what you need to make educated treatment decisions if needed.

Our incentive is to serve you and be your advocate, and again the fee is 100% credited toward future treatment.

Can I use the coupon for the inspection fee?

If you need service after the inspection, you can use the coupon, but it only applies to new pest control treatments, not toward the Inspection Fee.

If you choose to use us for treatment, the inspection fee is credited back at 100%. You can then use the coupon for the service you receive based any new service.

The purpose of our coupon is to discount a new pest control services to a new customer or existing customers, if it is a new first time service.

Example: Mosquito Control Service, Service Plan, One Time Treatment

If you choose to use us for treatment, the inspection fee is credited back at 100% toward treatment. If you have a question, please feel free to call.